Wooden cards

Direct printing on wood, plywood, MDF and other wooden materials makes it possible to print any order in the shortest possible time and in practically any volume.

Perhaps you want to advertise your company less traditionally or personalize a gift for a loved one, or maybe you just want printing on a less traditional material than the one you usually use. For all of this, we offer UV printing on wood products.

The scope of application is almost unlimited: office signs, advertising nameplates, diplomas and certificates, information and advertising panels, rulers, products for restaurants and cafes, paintings, murals for the interior, etc.

Be inspired by our quality wood printing.

Examples of printing on wood


  • Files for printing:
    Any kind format (.eps, .ai, PDF, JPG, PNG etc,)
  • Thickness: Up to 150 mm
  • Dimensions: up to 42×62 cm (direct print at our place)
    Up to 300×200 cm. at our print partner.
  • Print Time Cost:
    price based on print media and print time.
    Minimum order quantity 10 € + vat

Materials for print

Wood of different types.

We always offer a test print.


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