UV Print on plastics

We provide printing services to businesses and individuals alike and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality.

There are virtually no restrictions on the types of plastic that can be produced. At Stolz, we also have no limitations when it comes to the kind of plastic we can print on. If you need a photo, text or company logo on plastic, we can do it.

Water bottles for client meetings, sunglasses for employees, or a cute little box with pictures of the kids for their grandparents, printing on plastic – for anyone and everyone. Stolz can meet any printing needs.

Our gallery in Tallinn is where you can see and feel the products and get personal advice on any issue.

Examples of printing on plastics


  • Files for printing:
    Any kind format (.eps, .ai, PDF, JPG, PNG etc,)
  • Thickness: Up to 150 mm
  • Dimensions: up to 42×62 cm (direct print at our place)
    Up to 300×200 cm. at our print partner.
  • Print Time Cost:
    price based on print media and print time.
    Minimum order quantity 10 € + vat.

Materials for print


and other types

We always offer a test print.


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