UV Printing on stones

We offer something else at Stolz – we offer printing on precisely the material you want.

Don’t hold back if you have an idea for your company or yourself. We will help you find the best solution. And we always guarantee quality.

Perhaps you want to advertise your company less traditionally – we can help you with that. Maybe you want to personalize a gift for someone close to you – we can help you do that. Perhaps you want to print on a less traditional material than the one you normally use – we can help with that too. In other words, Stolz can help you with everything else as well.

For inspiration, or if you want to get a closer look at our print samples, you can find us in our gallery in Tallinn, where you can get a better idea of the high quality of our products. UV printing in Estonia for large and small businesses and individuals.

No order is too small or too complicated!

Examples of printing on other materials


  • Files for printing:
    Any kind format (.eps, .ai, PDF, JPG, PNG etc,)
  • Thickness: Up to 150 mm
  • Dimensions: up to 42×62 cm (direct print at our place)
    Up to 300×200 cm. at our print partner.
  • Print Time Cost:
    price based on print media and print time.
    Minimum order quantity 10 € + vat

Materials for print

Our company offers printing on almost any material. Call, bring and we will make a test print.


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