At Stolz, we never get tired of metal! We are always happy to print on many types of metals and bring your ideas and wishes to life.

UV printing on metal is an affordable and easy way to personalize items made of titanium, platinum, silver, copper and gold, and other metals. We can put photo images and logos on souvenir products or add barcode data on metal equipment that requires UDI compliance.

In our eight years in business, we have printed: On metal panels for computers, on tweezers, on flasks, instrument panels, electric boards and much more.

We can offer our customers printing logos and barcodes and high-quality printing of pictures on Dibond metal panels.
Various of our prints decorate the homes and offices of our satisfied customers.

Be inspired by our quality printing on metal.

Examples of printing on metal


  • Files for printing:
    Any kind format (.eps, .ai, PDF, JPG, PNG etc,)
  • Thickness: Up to 150 mm
  • Dimensions: up to 42×62 cm (direct print at our place)
    Up to 300×200 cm. at our print partner.
  • Print Time Cost:
    price based on print media and print time.
    Minimum order quantity 10 € + vat

Materials for print

Metals of different types. Please note that on some metals,

UV printing does not stick and can be easily erased with a fingernail.

We always offer a test print.