High quality - UV print

metal, glass, wood, plastics & other materials.

UV printing on metal

Print on metals

UV printing on metal is an affordable and easy way to personalize items made of titanium, platinum, silver, copper and gold, and other metals.

UV printing on glass

Print on glass

Sunglasses with your logo on the glass, luxurious glass coasters for advertising or glass cases for business cards or napkins, only your imagination is the limit.

Wooden shield

Print on wood

The direct printing technology on wood, plywood, MDF and other wooden materials allows in the shortest possible time and in almost any volume.

Gymna 2022 Award

Print on plastics

There are virtually no restrictions on the types of plastic that can be produced. At Stolz, we also have no limitations when it comes to the kind of plastic we can print on.

UV printing on peanuts

Print on all other

Perhaps you want to advertise your company less traditionally – we can help you with that. Maybe you want to personalize a gift for someone close to you – we can help you do that.

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