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A glass celebrates important events – also at STOLZ. Here, the personal gift in glass is the perfect choice for your loved ones, your colleagues, as a company gift or perhaps for a baptism.

A glass heart with a photo of the little bundle of joy – a Christmas present no grandparent can resist. Sponsors like to see their names on the beautiful glass trophy at the sporting event, or how about gorgeous sunglasses with a discreet company logo for the employees? Good quality is exhibited through durable materials and a print that is without equal – get the best quality at STOLZ.
Souvenir, gift, diploma, certificate
Material: Crystal glass
Size: 59x78 mm, 79x60 mm, 60x78 mm, 90x120 mm, 70x100 mm 110 mm (the heart), 148x96 mm, 97x149 mm
Print on glass, glass block, photo block, photoglass


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